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Winter Skin

Now that it is colder outside we have to remember hydrating the skin inside and out.  Drink plenty of water!  So many times we forget to drink water in the winter months because it is not warm outside.  We think of a nice tall glass of ice water to cool us off on a warm beautiful day or after activities outside.  In the winter months you need to just be more conscience of the amount you drink especially if you have dry skin and/or drink a lot of caffeine.  You will be surprised at how much less you drink.

Scrubs for dry skin

Dry rough skin left over from Winter?  Try my homemade recipe.  It is easy!
1/2 cup white sugar or brown sugar
1/2 cup olive oil or grapeseed oil
Mix in a bowl before your bath or shower and Scrub that old dry skin away. 
Be careful to clean tub well after so no one slips.
Also can be used on your lips with a drop of peppermint.  Use 1 tablespoon equal parts sugar and oil. Exfoliates and plumps dry lips. 
Avoid these scrubs on face and delicate skin. 
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